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About First Book Seattle:

Our Vision

We don’t want to fight illiteracy – we want to end it. By working together, we can and will create a generation of lifelong readers and achievers.

Our Mission

First Book Seattle provides access to new books for children in need in King County.

This Year’s Goal

Put 16,000 books in the hands of 2,700 children who need them most.


Donate Now


First Book is a non profit organization that has distributed more than 100 million books to children since 1992. First Book Seattle is the local volunteer run Advisory board that that promotes literacy and book ownership among children by raising funds to provide new books to kids who need them in King Country. 66,126 kids live below the poverty line in King County and many have no age-appropriate books at home. Many classrooms and programs they attend are under-resourced. First Book-Seattle is unique in that it works directly with teachers and program administrators to ensure that children are receiving new book titles that will be most impactful. More than 70% of children reported increased home literacy activities after receiving books from First Book.

A donation of $2.50 buys one book. A $15.00 donation buys a starter library of six new books for a child. We would love for you to join our community and become a sustaining donor. A donation of just $15 a month would give 12 kids a year a starter library. Within 2 years you’ll have helped a whole classroom of children.

Become a Sustaining Donor


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